The Vulcan Guitar Clutch

The Guitar Player’s Dilemma.

Too many times you will see a guitar player lean their axe against an amp at a live show. When the guitarist or bass player walk away the guitar slides off the amplifier and crashes to the floor. A tragic scenario that has certainly damaged many favorite guitars and basses.

The Vulcan Solution.

Just place the Vulcan Guitar Clutch on the top edge of your amp, desk, kitchen table or any other stable surface. The surface needs to be a height that is between your guitar neck’s first fret and last fret while resting on the floor. Rest your guitar on the floor in front of your amp and lean the neck of your guitar safely into the clutches of the Vulcan Guitar Clutch!

How it Works.

Just lean a guitar or bass against a Vulcan Guitar Clutch that is resting on the top edge of a guitar amplifier or other surface. Acting as a cradle, or a “clutch”, between the amp and guitar, an embedded weight and rubber grip provide a no-slip yet non-permanent extension to your amplifier that keeps your guitar safe and easy to access.

  • No Moving Parts
  • No Permanent Attachment
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket
  • It’s a Guitarist’s Multi-Tool
  • Six guitar pick holsters for fast access to picks
  • Recessed drink caddy to stash your beer or whatever


It’s a Guitarist’s Multi-Tool.

The Guitar Pick Bandolier

Preload the six guitar pick slots for fast access to extra picks.

Get yourself a beer!

Safely stash your beer or keys or whatever behind the neck of your guitar in the recessed drink caddy.

Everything a guitarist needs in one place

The Vulcan Guitar Clutch keeps your guitar right next to the volume knob, your beer, and guitar picks.

Everything a guitarist needs in one place! What more does a guitar player need? More guitars!